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Kegel Exercises for Premature Ejaculation


Do They Really Work?


One of the most difficult things about determining a course of action for premature ejaculation is figuring out which things don’t work, so that you don’t waste a lot of time and money (Like I did). In reality, if you take a little time and do some research, you can eliminate a number of different supposed remedies, and get right down to the business of how to get real help for your PE.


One of the most commonly suggested things that doesn’t work is Kegel Exercises for premature ejaculation. Kegel Exercises were developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist, and were intended to help women prepare their bodies for what was going to happen during the later stages of pregnancy, and during childbirth. Later these exercises were also prescribed to used for incontinence, as well as for constipation. Truly a “jack of all trades” kind of exercise!

It was discovered that these exercises prevented vaginal and uterine prolapse in women, as well as tightening the vagina, which often made lovemaking more pleasurable. And while these exercises were never intended for men, men were not about to be left out, and somewhere along the line it was decided if it was good for women it must be good for men as well. Since these exercises strengthened the muscles involved in ejaculation, it stood to reason that there could be a benefit to men in terms of ejaculatory control, that Kegel exercises could help delay orgasm and make a man last longer in bed.

Unfortunately, the opposite usually turns out to be true. Most men who do Kegel exercises actually get worse in terms of controlling the length of time they are able to have intercourse before climax. This is due to the fact that Kegel exercises often put the pelvic muscle group into a state where they are tensed or contracted all the time. These are indeed the muscles that are directly involved in orgasm, and the contraction of these muscles actually speeds climax.

So men everywhere are buying into the lie that Kegel exercises help premature ejaculation and make them last longer in bed, and they spend days, weeks, and months squeezing, squeezing, squeezing…only to find they have less and less control. Sad but true.

Frankly, even though they won’t help, there’s no harm in doing Kegel exercises if you do them exactly correctly. The correct technique for Kegels involves clenching the muscle and holding it, then completely relaxing it before clenching it again for the next repetition. If a person does this exactly right, the muscles will not be conditioned to be in a state of constant tension.


If you’d like to do Kegels, there’s no harm in it if you do it right. Just understand that there’s no real help for your PE in it either. There’s certainly a lot of hype on the Internet about how much good they'll do. Sadly, it’s exactly that: hype. There are things available for you do to that genuinely have a positive outcome – don’t waste your time on things like this that don’t work.

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What People Are Saying

You have analyzed and synthesized much of the previous thinking on premature ejaculation.  Your writing is clear and I believe would be easy for a non-medical person to understand...  I applaud your dedication to solving the problem for yourself and for sharing your experience with others who certainly can benefit from using your program for themselves. 


Dr. Mark Jeffrey Noble

The Cleveland Clinic

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I've already noticed such a difference it's unbelievable. Being aware of the relaxed state of these muscles has seen an 8 fold increase in me being able to delay ejaculation - and that's on my first attempt. Further 'testing' is required, and I'm sure there'll be some ups and downs during this process but from what I've already experienced, I'm converted!


Russell H
PerthWA, Australia

(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)

I have to thank you very much Jacob, I am 57 years old and have had PE for quite some time. Only 7 days into exercise and I've gone from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. I am impressed. I hadn't realised how unrelaxed I was in the pelvic muscles. Thanks again and be well.

Ken Stieger

Western Australia

(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)

The book was a revelation to me, as I was a long time sufferer. It has given me the skill to salvage a life. I wish I had known about this technique 35 years ago. Thanks again!


(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)

First of all, let me began by saying 'thank you'. I have read other books regarding PE and your techniques are far more accurate and to the point. After about a few weeks, 'BAM' the light switched turned on. I was in complete control of my self. I was telling my wife 'we finally did it' and it worked. I want from pre-ejaculating in my pants to finally being able to have control of my self.

Jerry G.

(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)


I don't need to put on cream or take a pill a day. My problem was gone in 2 weeks, and I didn't even follow the whole course. I just realized what was going on in my body and forced it to stop. The Fail-Safe Technique helped me most, it got me to relax my core. So thanks for the book, I really do believe that it works and that many mens lives could change because of it.

Dane Coupe
Johannesburg, South Africa

(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)

I wish that I had this information many dollars and twenty five years ago. Before I would struggle to last only a couple minutes. Last night was twenty miniutes -- the best yet. What a difference! My wife seemed to be driven over the top with my peformence. Things are looking up.

K.J., New York

(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)

Dear Mr. Williams:

I have read the book and it all makes complete sense to me. After reading it without him knowing the other night I went to bed and told him of some of the stuff I had read. Just by tellin him some of the stuff it increased the time dramatically. ... Intimacy for us has the potential to be great and I know your book will help.


(Results may or may not be typical. The actual results achieved will differ from person to person.)


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